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START YOUR BUSINESS TODAY...Experience what is like to build a business that is FUN, that is EASY, that is SIMPLE, that everyone can DO IT, that everyone can USE IT and that everyone can SHARE IT?


This is how you do it:

1.- JOIN.


3.- EARN.


We believe in the amazing power we all have within ourselves to create miracles in our lives and in other people's lives. When we step into our inner power, we can change the world, we can change our lives and we can help others make a difference individually and collectively.


Do you want to INCREASE your CASHFLOW, your INCOME?

Do you want to ELIMINATE your DEBTS?

Do you want to create a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS?


Do you want to HELP FAMILIES be HAPPIER and even more PROSPEROUS?


We are dedicated to EMPOWERING as many people as possible through the network, our trainings, our products, our support, our opportunities and the honest and authentic message of joy and freedom that RATV Network offers.

RATV's mission is to build a global community of happy and prosperous individuals. For that reason we have created a compensation system that lets you earn commission through the RATV  Affiliates Program.


RATVLIVE Affiliate Program


You earn on Recurring Broadcasting Package:

For every broadcaster that you are responsible for registering on RATV you will earn 40% of every payment they make for their recurring subscription. Once a broadcaster registers there is absolutely no extra effort required on your part. When they pay, you receive a commission. Set your Personal Production Goals and get paid while the RATV support team manages those broadcasters through our 24 hour support ticket system.

RATVLIVE Affiliates Program


You earn for Signing up additional affiliates:

The RATV Affiliates program allows you to receive 40% of the "one-time only" Training fee for every RATV Affiliate you are responsible for signing up. There is no extra work required on your end beyond getting them to register using our new RATV Shopping cart. We make it easy for your customers to join the affiliates program and it automatically credits you with your commissions. In addittion, RATV University will take care of all the training new affiliates need in order to maximize their results. The Training we provide is ongoing at no extra charge to affiliates.


RATVLIVE Affiliates Program


Super Affiliates will earn extra Rewards and Gifts:

Our Super RATV Affiliates will win extra rewards and gifts such as: vacation getaways, first-class airlines tickets, new cars, high-end cruises, exotic dining, diving gear and much more! Are you ready to be one of our RATV Super Affiliates? Its time to get busy, get to work and make it happen for you and your family starting TODAY!


RATVLIVE Affiliate Program


You earn for the Sales of the Affiliates within your Downline:

The RATV Affiliates Program also allows you to earn for the sales of the affiliates within your downline up to 2 levels down. Commissions are based on performance and are based on our simple-to-understand Matrix. See our Matrix below.

L-1 ==== 40%

L-2 ==== 10%



RATV makes available to you the winning combination of Affiliate tools to grow your business and your income from your home whether you decide to do it on a part-time or full-time basis!

You receive ongoing Trainings, 

You have immediate access to our step-by-step manual,

You will personally meet with your Affiliate Manager to receive private mentoring sessions,

You will participate in our special getaways business retreats,

We, at RATV Network, are committed to help you succeed in building a happy and prosperous business. We are here to assist you.


RATVLIVE Affiliate Program


You can complete your initial training at your own pace. Your free SEO ready mini-website is deployed as soon as you become an affiliate. Your mini-site displays your affiliate codes throughout. People can sign up right at your mini-site and they will be redirected to our main website in order to process the initial payment and properly credit you with your well-deserved commission.

If you have your own domain, just point that domain to your newly created mini-site that has all of your affiliate information already filled in! 

Start promoting your mini-site today. Start using these great marketing and advertising concept. Become a proud member of the RATV network.

Technology is changing very quickly. It wasn't long ago when people started using emails, then digital photos, then videos, then the i-phones and now the i-pads or tablets... It is time now, to start using the leverage of technology to create a better economy for ourselves, our families and share with others our blessings.

CAN YOU SEE THE BIG PICTURE ABOUT BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS FROM THIS CONCEPT? This is Really an UNTAPPED opportunity... This is a Really Awesome opportunity!

The answer is yours. However, we are 100% confident that we will meet YOU in our back office. WELCOME TO OUR NETWORK!.

Sign up today to get started as one of our really awesome affiliates. Start promoting. Start referring. Start earning. Let's have FUN. Let's change people's lives. Let's become Happier and even more Prosperous. Let's share our stories, talents and expertise with the world. Let's create HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY AROUND THE WORLD NOW!